Being Real

aeriestockphoto1Aerie came out with an ad spread across from Back Bay Station saying “The real you is sexy”.  When I first saw this ad it wasn’t about the lingerie.  It was about “being you” and not conforming to the world’s standards of beauty.  To be confident in yourself. Sexy is defined beautiful in my understanding.

After being in fashion in the past 20 years both in corporate and in retail, I’ve been asked these 2 common questions.

1.) Is this the way it’s suppose to fit?

2.) Do you think it looks good on me?

Honestly, everyone’s body is different. Whether you’re tall, short, broad shouldered, busty, curvy, thin, long torso, short waisted.  To answer both questions.  Everyone will develop their preferences of style whether they prefer a fitted look or loose, comfy look.  If you want it perfect which some people do, you would visit a tailor.

If you ask the question, does it look good on me?  It’s always good to ask for opinions but you should ask yourself, how do you feel?  More importantly, do YOU like it? Does it make you feel happy or good about yourself?

So what is this post about?  You will find your preferences and styles. But it’s important to love yourself. Sometimes this is hard when media and society tells us what we are suppose to look like.  So thank you aerie for your ad campaign because it’s true.  “The real you is sexy”.  I would probably exchange the word sexy for beautiful.




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