Stylish Bag small + LARGE

mayfairluxe_elektronista_black_featureb_web2  untitled-7

I’m always on the go but have been always challenged to find a stylish bag that will fit all my needs, including electronics.  My pick for the week for stylish bags small + LARGE is designed by KNOMO.  My fashion style is usually clean & practical.  I love the fact that you can recharge your electronics on the go.  The leather Elektronista Crossbody Digital Organizer is reasonably priced at $295 and is available in black, navy, pink and gray.  To see a video click here.

audley_aw14_black_threequarters_edit_1  knomo_07_11_147281_1__1

A lot of my clients are always looking for a stylish bag to carry their laptop without a laptop bag look.  So I did a search and KNOMO offers laptop bags from $199 to $350 USD.  I chose the Audley Slim Leather Tote priced at $350 available in expresso, navy and black.  See how much you can fit in the Audley bag.


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