Its been a long time since I wrote or posted anything.  A lot has happened in these past few years.  Like moving from Boston to New York.  It hasn’t been until recently that I was inspired to do anything.  That’s why my post is called goals.  Let’s just say baby steps are just as important because it’s a start of something good.

So I cancelled my gym membership but I have until end of March to use it.  Tomorrow is the first time I will go to see if I can recommit myself to working out again.  The main reason is because I’ve gained a lot of weight.  I went from size 0 to size 12 in a year or two?  Hopefully this blog will help me be accountable.  So that’s goal #1.  There are many others but I will share in time.

The real reason for restarting this blog is to reach out to others who is in the same boat as me.  It’s hard to admit but I’ve been divorced for a few years now.  Moving back to New York was the hardest decision after living in Boston for a decade.  It also meant being far apart from my daughter.  Hopefully this blog will help and reach out to those in a similar situation.

I can confidently say that it took awhile but I’ve found a new normal.  So let’s just say this is a new beginning to starting all over again.


Being Real

aeriestockphoto1Aerie came out with an ad spread across from Back Bay Station saying “The real you is sexy”.  When I first saw this ad it wasn’t about the lingerie.  It was about “being you” and not conforming to the world’s standards of beauty.  To be confident in yourself. Sexy is defined beautiful in my understanding.

After being in fashion in the past 20 years both in corporate and in retail, I’ve been asked these 2 common questions.

1.) Is this the way it’s suppose to fit?

2.) Do you think it looks good on me?

Honestly, everyone’s body is different. Whether you’re tall, short, broad shouldered, busty, curvy, thin, long torso, short waisted.  To answer both questions.  Everyone will develop their preferences of style whether they prefer a fitted look or loose, comfy look.  If you want it perfect which some people do, you would visit a tailor.

If you ask the question, does it look good on me?  It’s always good to ask for opinions but you should ask yourself, how do you feel?  More importantly, do YOU like it? Does it make you feel happy or good about yourself?

So what is this post about?  You will find your preferences and styles. But it’s important to love yourself. Sometimes this is hard when media and society tells us what we are suppose to look like.  So thank you aerie for your ad campaign because it’s true.  “The real you is sexy”.  I would probably exchange the word sexy for beautiful.



Stylish Bag small + LARGE

mayfairluxe_elektronista_black_featureb_web2  untitled-7

I’m always on the go but have been always challenged to find a stylish bag that will fit all my needs, including electronics.  My pick for the week for stylish bags small + LARGE is designed by KNOMO.  My fashion style is usually clean & practical.  I love the fact that you can recharge your electronics on the go.  The leather Elektronista Crossbody Digital Organizer is reasonably priced at $295 and is available in black, navy, pink and gray.  To see a video click here.

audley_aw14_black_threequarters_edit_1  knomo_07_11_147281_1__1

A lot of my clients are always looking for a stylish bag to carry their laptop without a laptop bag look.  So I did a search and KNOMO offers laptop bags from $199 to $350 USD.  I chose the Audley Slim Leather Tote priced at $350 available in expresso, navy and black.  See how much you can fit in the Audley bag.

Well designed WordPress Themes…free

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and mostly because as a designer I’ve been always particular about which theme or topic I would choose to write and/or design.  I believe this is a problem that most designers and writers struggle with.  At least for me.

So here’s my pick of well designed wordpress themes for 2015.

*Please note my blog is still work in progress.  Today I’m focused on sharing with you content and info sharing.  After this post I will probably update my theme sometime soon.



I love instragram and clean photo grid.  This is perfect if you’re into photography or would like a portfolio page.  Click here to view Gridsby Demo



Designed with a very clean san serif font.  Take a look at the Serene demo.



I like the form and function of this multi-purpose theme for creativity and business.  Here’s a like for the download for the Oprum theme.



Here’s another minimalist design.  I think this is great for food stylists, fashion bloggers or anyone.  Click here for the Kouki theme



This theme is just clear and to the point.  It’s also easy to the eye with clean typography.  Click here for the APEX theme.



This is a great wordpress theme for personal bloggers to get that professional blogger experience. Click here to get Lovecraft theme. If you like this.  You will like Anderson Noren’s work.



This is for anyone looking for a modern and clean design.  I love how the social media icons are centered on the top header. Click here to download Amadeus theme.



I’m seriously in love with this one because you can focus both on the content material and the image.  This is a great startup blog with a professional and clean look.  Another one of Anders Noren’s work.  To download click the Hoffman theme.



This is another great one for portfolio.  Click here for Post theme



What you see is what you get.  It’s so simple.  Click here for the simple theme

The best part of these WordPress themes are that it’s all free.


Sources:  Elegant Themes  and Design Crazed

no. 3


Steven Alan | stevenalan.com | 172 Newbury Street,  617 398 2640

Once in awhile I will go on a jewelry hunt.  Our neighbor Michaela is a recent NY transplant and manages Steven Alan’s boutique on Newbury Street.  Her favorite pick of the moment is Jerry Grant’s 9 diamond cluster ring priced at $918.  Jerry Grant happens to be Steven Alan’s father.  This is only available at the boutique but you can view the rest of Jerry Grant’s other cluster rings here.

My favorite ring pairings are a combination of two designers: Blanco Monros Gomez’s tiny solitaire ring with a sapphire stone which retails for $215 paired with Satomi Kawakita’s tri black diamond ring with black diamonds for $355.  Steven Alan has a great selection of rings that you can stack to your own taste.

finalJG1 finalJG5finalJG3

no. 2


Cotelac | cotelac.us | cotelac.fr


I’ve been working for Cotelac for nearly 3 years and I have to say Raphaelle Cavalli is a wonderful designer.  It feels as if summer has just arrived but I’m in love with the new Fall / Winter 2015 collection. Our headquarters is based out in Lyon, France.  She has over 130 French boutiques globally and only 6 boutiques in the U.S.  Our NY flagship store carries women’s and men’s apparel and accessories.  Each season she features a textile print which is printed on our shopping bags.  Our clients receive a printed cloth bag as a gift with purchase.  We just received our first shipment and I’m excited to try on this coat.  Most people love her clothing because of the quality, the fit, the beautiful color palettes, it’s travel friendly and of course design.  My favorite feature is having pockets in her dresses and that it’s mostly machine washable or hand wash.  You can call any of the U.S. boutiques and we will ship anywhere within the U.S.

Boston 168 Newbury St. |  617 266 2009

Chicago 1159 West Weber Ave. | 773 281 2330

NYC Soho mens 92/94 Greene St. | 212 219 8065

NYC 983 Lexington Ave. | 212 288 0400

SF mens 1930 Fillmore St. 415 351 0200

Westport CT 111 Post Rd. East | 203 557 9292

no. 1


Evan Healy  |  evanhealy.com


I’ve been looking for natural products that’s good for my skin.  I discovered Evan Healy at Whole Foods.  She carries a whole array of beauty products based on your skin type.  I chose the Rose ~ Balancing line which is made for dry, oily or combination skin.  My ultimate favorite is her coconut cleanser which I used as a makeup remover but it’s also a cleanser, moisturizer and conditioner.  Not only do I feel good about using this organic certified product but it also smells good.  It’s handmade in the U.S.A. and contains coconut, sweet orange flower, vetiver oils. The price point is quite affordable for an all natural organic beauty line.  There is also a Rose Face Care Kit you can test before committing to a larger bottle size.  I was lucky enough to take home testers and trial the complete line. I was also impressed with her Rose Hydrosol which is meant to mix with her Rose Geranium Facial Tonic.  It leaves a cool, refreshing awakening feel to your skin after use.